Trump will offer the White house for rent on AirBnB after impeachment

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Donald Trump has decided to offer the White house for rent on AirBnB. The president has decided to do so after the word got out that the democrats have started an impeachment procedure.

“I understand that my position as president might be of a shorter term than expected, but I think it’s way too radical to completely move out of the White house immediately,” Trump explains. Through AirBnB anyone is eligible to use the small cottage for a trip to Washington DC. Our guests will be very satisfied, Trump says. “The 5.110 square feet house with 132 rooms, 35 bathrooms, and 28 fireplaces, divided over 6 floors, is the perfect landing spot for a weekend in our nation’s capital. For the family, or if you travel solo.”

The democratic chair Nancy Pelosi is happy with the solution: “It adorns Donald that he doesn’t take the White house from the public. We will decide as quickly as possible what actions the renters can take on behalf of the president. Whoever they might be, we expect less problems than the last few years.”