Over two billion archived Facebook profiles still online

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Over two billion Facebook profiles can be found online through the Internet Archive’s ‘The Wayback Machine’, according to research by Wired Magazine.

Facebook was a popular social network between 2008 and 2015 at its peak used by 2.5 billion people. Because of the exploding number of old people and lagging development, the site became less and less popular. After which it closed down in 2016.

After the site went offline, all profiles, including posts and pictures, were removed. Surprisingly, almost all profiles can still be found online, because copies were stored in the online archive of Archive.org, a website building a digital library of the internet for future generations.

The archives show around two billion profiles have been saved. If you know your old username, you can check web.archive.org using ‘facebook.com’ followed by your username. You can also find and view friends’ archived profiles.

Most copies were created in 2015 (not long after the massive migrations), right before the social network decided to close down.