Google charges ex Maps employee for leaking ‘anything goes’ mode to Apple Maps

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The project, which was supposed to launch during Pamplona Fiesta, better known as ‘Running with the bulls’, lets users cut through parking lots, free run over buildings, and drive through random people’s backyards.

Mary O’Carroll, Google’s Head of Legal Operations, said Apple Maps users started sharing experiences of being sent to Antarctica looking for Berlin or having to drive up 50 floors of a building to get to a gas station. “A service from a tech giant like Apple cannot be this buggy. That’s why we’re 100% sure Gonzalez (former employee José ‘Speedy’ Gonzalez) used the files he downloaded from our Dropbox account.

As a result of the charges, Gonzalez has stepped down as CEO of his latest startup called Ariba Ariba AI, which is developing an advanced ball filled with water, so your octopus can walk around the house.