Ex-Uber employees launch $30 million seed fund to support ideas from toddlers

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Venture capital funds traditionally support adult startup founders, but 3 former Uber engineers think this is the time to change.

“The competition in venture capital is getting heavier and heavier, so we’re targeting startup founders straight out the womb. Having been in an incubator, of course, shows potential,” the fund’s partners told the Financial Times.

The fund – dubbed the Rubber Ducky Fund – already participates in BRST, CW.io, & SY.ai. Startups producing breast milk, cow milk, and soy milk. All online. Analysts praise its innovative approach and call the fund a potential game changer for the “wait-until-they’re-old-enough-to-start-a-business” industry.

The partners are also trying new ways of acquiring potential investments. Founders looking for funding can get in touch through telling mommy or crying really loudly in public places.