Brick manufacturer Mason: ’It’s all about purpose’

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After years of turmoil brick manufacturer Mason Inc from Springfield finally made a profit again. CEO John Mason talks about this extraordinary family business.

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“My great grandfather Henry was on a mission: to make sure he could feed the 12 mouths at home… I mean… to make the world a better place, one brick at a time. We’re still doing this today.”

“Bricks inspire us”, Mason continues. “It’s our passion. We are always wondering: why are we doing this? What’s the bigger picture? And what would Henry do? It’s all about purpose, really. It’s in our DNA – from manager to factory worker.”

Brick tester Johnny Fox agrees. “I just throw all this stuff in the oven …” He coughs. “I mean our baking process is an extremely innovative process. Before baking the bricks, I imagine life from a brick’s perspective. I put my cheek on the cold surface. Then I feel how I would gently get pressed into the sand. You know, how I improve life on the streets. How I put a smile on everyone’s faces each and every day. Then I bring my mouth to the bricks. ’Enjoy your journey’, I whisper. Next, I place them into the oven – sorry, ’incubation chamber’ – and put on some Mozart.”